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On December 7th 2016, WIFT staged a public protest to highlight the disproportionately low amount of nominations and pre-selected films directed and driven by female creatives. Of twenty-eight narrative feature films pre-selected for AACTAs Screening Tour, just two were directed by women, nullifying a call for quotas in award juries when female content cannot reach the public voting platform in the first instance. Furthermore, of the twenty-eight films pre-selected, four were included in a second tranche, the first time a 'second tier' of films were deemed eligible, the metrics for inclusion rationalised by AACTA as "strong industry demand". WIFT dug a little deeper to outline that of the total films chosen, seven films, a full quarter of the total, violated its own eligibility criteria. AACTA has yet to provide further explanation leading WIFT to create the Charter for Gender Equity at the AACTAs  to ensure fairer assessment and representation of female created and driven content. WIFT is fed up with the Sausage Party that is the Australian film industry and calls on AACTA to make Australia's night of nights truly representative of our diverse screen culture.



Photo Credit - Steph Harmon, The Guardian

Photo Credit - Steph Harmon, The Guardian

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